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Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Frank D. Parent School

Please take a moment to go over our School Policies, Rules and Procedures.

  • Attendance &Tardies: Students should be on campus no later than 8:10 a.m. Students must attend school at least 85% of the school year. Three absences excused or unexcused will cause parents to receive a truancy letter.  Three tardies equal one absence. Students with excessive absences will be referred to the School Attendance and Review Team (SART).
  • Uniforms: All students are required to wear their school uniform daily. The uniform consists of a white, dark blue or powder blue blouses or shirts with collar and blue bottom skirts, pants, shorts, walking shorts, etc. Closed-toe shoes (no sandals or slip-ons) are required for students’ safety.  White Tee Shirts and jeans are not part of the approved uniform.
  • Cell Telephones and other Electronic Devices: Students are prohibited from using cell phones on campus and all phones must remain OFF during school hours and not visible. Failure to comply will result in the phone being confiscated.  Please note that phones will only be returned to a parent or guardian.   Electronic devices should not be brought to school: Tablets, Hand-held devices, etc.  Frank D. Parent School staff will not be liable or held responsible if such personal items are lost, damaged or stolen.

Drop off and pick-up

Please use the white loading and unloading zones when dropping off your son/daughter to school.  Pull all the way forward; do not block any driveways or parking lots. Cars are not to be left  unattended in the loading and unloading  zone. Please use street parking and walk your young child to the front of the school or direct your older child to use the crosswalk. Parents are not to drive through or park in the parking lots before and after school for the safety of all of our students. Students may not arrive earlier than 7:30 a.m. or be left unattended after 2:45 p.m.  Students must be enrolled in the after-school program to be left on campus after-hours.  Please adhere to these guidelines for the safety of your child.

Physical Education Equipment

Frank D.  Parent School will provide all balls and other equipment for the playground.  Students are not allowed to bring their own personal items to school.  Parents may donate equipment to their child’s classroom such as handballs, soccer balls or basketballs.  Please note that any donations will become the property of Frank D. Parent School.


Suspensions from school by an administrator or school counselor will occur immediately for fighting, profanity, disrespect or inappropriate touching.  Other offenses may result in a suspension if other corrective actions have not stopped the inappropriate behavior.  Students on permit will have their permit revoked.


Students are not allowed to sell anything at school unless it is a school fundraiser authorized by the Principal.


Real, toy or replica guns are not allowed on campus.  Students found with these items will be expelled from school. Absolutely, zero tolerance.

  • TEXTBOOKS — All students are responsible for the items stored in their backpacks. Textbooks are the responsibility of each student.    Lost or stolen books must be replaced.  The costs of most books are at least $70.00 each.  We suggest students keep their backpacks within sight at ALL  DO NOT leave backpacks by classroom walls.
  • BREAKFAST & LUNCH – Currently Breakfast and Lunch are free.

To continue to offer free breakfast and lunch we ask that ALL parents complete a lunch application.  A lunch application can be completed online by going to and clicking on the Lunch Application link.

Breakfast is served in the classroom from 8:10 am – 8:30am.   We discourage parents from dropping off fast food lunches during school hours.  In addition, students are not allowed to use their cell phones to order pizza or lunch from restaurants to be delivered to the school.  If parents insist on bringing lunch, classrooms will not be called during instructional time.  Please know the time your child has lunch and deliver it during that time.  Please do not buy lunch for other students; the child may have diet restrictions or food allergies.

  • BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS: Teachers cannot use instructional time for birthday parties. Please do not bring or send cake and other party food items for your child’s birthday.
  • PTA MEMBERSHIP: All parents/guardians and students are encouraged to join the PTA and attend three or more of our association meetings during the school year. Membership dues are $10.00 per person.