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Program Options

In addition to our traditional, English-track program, Frank D. Parent School offers two Language Immersion options: 
  1. French Immersion Program
  2. Spanish Immersion Program
Language Immersion, in which students receive education in both English and a Target Language, allows children to learn in innovative and effective ways by immersing them in two languages and cultures. 
At Frank D. Parent, Language Immersion begins in Kindergarten (and Transitional Kindergarten) with 90% of classroom instruction provided in the Target Language (i.e., French or Spanish). This gives children the opportunity to learn a second language the same way we learn our native language–by living it! Research shows that early dual-language acquisition leads to improvements in learning throughout life.
Families are not required to speak French or Spanish at home to participate in our programs. Language Immersion is designed for children who do not speak the Target Language at home, though native speakers are also welcome. To help students thrive, we encourage parents to:
  • Read at least 10 min daily to your child, in any language (Children who have comfort with reading are better able to learn a wide variety of other skills.) 
  • Show interest in your child's school work
  • Expose your family to the Target Language outside the classroom (e.g., by watching teacher-recommended videos with your child, or listening to music )
All families are welcome to apply to Frank D. Parent's Language Immersion Programs. Families residing within Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) boundaries may apply directly to Frank D. Parent School, and receive priority in enrollment. We also welcome motivated students from other school districts, and provide guidance on district-transfer protocols. 
Join us for a School Tour to visit our campus and learn more about our Language Immersion programs! 
For more information, or to schedule an individual tour, please contact Principal Marvin Lawton.