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Staff Directory

Our dedicated faculty and staff can be reached by email using the links below. To reach us by phone, please call: 310-680-5430.
Margaret Nayfeld                     Principal
Tushana Turner Counselor
Paula Molina                      TK/Kindergarten  (Dual-Spanish)
Genevieve Chevron                  TK/Kindergarten Grade  (Dual-French)
Robert Sandoval                   Kindergarten
Jacqueline Woods                    
1st Grade
Nora Ibarra                      1st  Grade (Dual-Spanish)
Marilene Ducourant               1st/2nd Grade (Dual-French)  
Elizabeth Trumbach                2nd Grade
Janet Fernandez 2nd/3rd Grade (Dual-Spanish)
Heather Richardson                3rd/4th  Grade (Dual-Spanish)  
Tiffney Cambridge                3rd Grade   
Tricia Nakanishi                  4th Grade
Kristin Brown                         5th Grade  
Jimmie Williams                     5th Grade
Vida Henderson                 6th Grade
Davina Mills                           6th Grade  
Homa Tabrizi                       Special Ed. (RSP)
Kathryn Lamb                           Special Ed. (RSP)  
Ericka Simmons               Special Ed. (SDC) 
Coach Q                        Physical Education
Thomas Binninger              7th - 8th Grade MESA
Eleanor Wallace             7th  & 8th Grade Math
Matthew Bellante               7th & 8th Grade History
Rahmon Ford             7th & 8th Grade Language Arts
Salina Gray                     7th & 8th Grade Science
Wendi Keir-Burke      Intervention Teacher
Claire Darsa            Instructional Coach